Acu-Shiatsu MassageMini Body Massage Roller good fro a deep satishying hand or foot massage.
Acu-Shiatsu MassageMini Body Massage Rollers for therapeutic massage
Acu-Shiatsu Mini Massage Body Massage Rollers
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your  Acu-Shiatsu Mini Body Massage Roller.
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BNB-ASMR   - Acu-Shiatsu Mini Body Massage Roller     $9.95

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Buy your  Acu-Shiatsu Mini Body Massage Roller  NOW!
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The Acu-Shiatsu Massage Mini Body Massage Rollers are easy to use massage rollers with a handle that are great for a deep satisfying massage for your body.  Place handle in hand and roll wherever you want a massage. The blue rollers will give you a highly stimulating massage. You can adjust the amount of massage by the pressure you use.  Features raised nodules that allow you to penetrate deep and reach fatigued or stiff muscles. The easy to grip handle with large surface area makes it easy to hold and use give your body a satisfying massage where you need it. The Acu-Shiatsu Massage Roller is perfect for massage and sensory therapy. The "bumpy" textured surface also promotes sensory stimulation and is perfect for manual dexterity exercises. It can be used on the whole body for relaxation or easing sore, tired muscles.

Handheld muscle massager. Perfect for after the gym. Also great de-stresser for general relaxation, after a long flight or a hard day's work. Fashionable with compact and delicate design, portable, practical and easy to use.  Massage deeply for a relaxing, effective and safe treatment, increase blood circulation. Ideal for use on thighs, hip, arms and belly. Use regularly for affordable treatment of cellulite.

Features of the Acu-Shiatsu Mini Massage Roller:
7.5cm  or ~3 inches diameter massage ball
Easy to handle and appropriate for most ages
Ideal for light massage & sensory therapy
Perfect for finger and grip exercising
Good for yoga