The Adjustable Dumbbell is very versatile exercise equipment.
Use Weider PowerSwitch Adjustable Dumbbell Pair to help you get fit.
Adjustable Dumbbells
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your VersaBell Dumbbell.
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BNB-VAD25   - Weider PowerSwitch Adjustable Dumbbell Pair    $89.95
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Weider PowerSwitch Adjustable Dumbbell Pair
Weider SpeedPac Adjustable Dumbbell Pair is versatile and easy to use. You can have an entire set of weights without investing in multiple pairs of dumbbells with the Weider Speed Pac.  Put an entire set of weights at your fingertips without investing in several different pairs of dumbbells with the Weider Speed Pac hand weights.   The two dumbbells have adjustable increments of 2 lb., 5 lb., 7.5 lb., 10 lb. or 12 lb. each. The Weider Speed Weight Pac includes a color-coded, space-saving storage tray.

Define and strengthen your muscles with these adjustable weights. Then you want to change weights, simply move the selector pin to the desired weight range–the storage tray includes a color-coded weight guide–and you’re set.  Cushioned for comfort, they’re easy to use and produce amazing results.

    - Two 12 - 2 lb. Adjustable Weights
    - Adjustable Weights (2-12 lbs.)
    - Round Plates
    - Cushioned hand grips
    - Convenient storage tray with color codes
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