Aeromat® Burst Resistant Peanut Ball is sturdy, mobile and great for exercise and  ergonomic sitting.
Aeromat® Burst Resistant Peanut Ball is great for exercising.
Aeromat® Peanut Exercise Balls
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your peanut bal.
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BNB-APB40   -  40cm Green Aeromat® Peanut Theapy Roll      $41.95

BNB-APB50   -  50cm Blue Aeromat® Peanut Therapy Roll       $48.95

BNB-APB60   -  60cm Red Aeromat® Peanut Therapy Roll       $53.95

BNB-APB70   -  70cm Yellow Aeromat® Peanut Therapy Roll   $63.95
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Aeromat Fitness Balls
The Aeromat® Burst Resistant Peanut Ball has an Anti-burst design which provides easy direction controlling. Good for rolling back and forth or in saddle position to relieve muscle tension.  Fun to use and sit on! It is great for kids and seniors because the peanut ball offers moderate instability which means that it only rolls in one direction (forward and backward). Easy-to-control and Latex Free this straight roll  is made of burst-resistant material that holds up to 1000 lbs.The AeroMat peanut ball is comfortable, durable & easy to use.  Since therapy peanut balls roll only roll forward and back, not side to side they are safer for children and the elderly, giving hours of activity. Made with PVC, free of latex and phthalates, 30” in length, max weight limit: 300 lbs.

Features of the Aeromat Peanut Ball Roll:
Made with Anti-burst Technology                    •
Great for stretching exercises and rehabilitation
Safer with better stability for children, seniors and those who need more stability
Tested to hold weight up to 1000 lbs. /  max weight limit: 300 lbs.
Size - 40cm, 50cm 60cm & 70cm (Size is measured at the lowest point)
40cm Green – Height 16” & Length 30”
50cm Blue – Height 19.6” & Length 36”
60cm RED – Height 23.5” & Length 43”
70cm YELLOW – Height 27.5” & Length 52.5”
Color codes sizes see below
LATEX FREE  & phthalates free
Has small grooves to provide extra traction
Comfortable & easy to use.
Made by AeroMat®
Warranty: manufacturer's discretion