Airex Balance Beam
Airex Balance Beam

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Airex Balance Beam
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BNB-ABB   -   Airex Balance Beam    $151.95

Buy your Airex Balance Beam NOW!
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Airex Balance Pad.
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Airex Balance Pad
The AIREX® Balance Beams (or Logs) are trapezoidal beams made of soft foam measuring 64” in length.   The Airex balance log uses the same “supersoft” foam of the Balance Pad but extends it to create the newest balance training product.  The log can be positioned wide-side down (9½”) for greater stability or narrow-side down (4½”) for a greater vestibular challenge. It's unstable base helps improve upper and lower body stabilization and coordination.  This balance beam provides a base for an individual to walk toe-to-toe, improving lower and upper body stabilization and coordination.The Airex balance beam is great for exercise and rehab using core conditioning, rehabilitation, gait and dynamic balance.

Size:  9 1/2"W (or 4 1/2'W) x 64"L x 2½"H
Latex free.