Airwalker are great for childrens fitness activities.
Airwalker help you get fit.
AirWalker™ Swing
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BNB-AW        Standard Airwalker ................$299.95
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Airwalker™ Suspension Swing offers a totally different bodily experience of suspension and weightlessness akin to womb-like safety and comfort. Your children and children's friends will spend hours bouncing, spinning, hanging, sailing through the air, or just resting inside Airwalker .

Suspended from a properly installed ceiling bolt, Airwalker's unique design of heavy, 9-ounce, stretch fabric provides the feeling of being airborn and deeply held at the same time.

The cocoon-like design provides a total body pressure that not only feels good, but builds muscular strength, coordination and balance. Being suspended creates a heightened relationship to gravity, which stimulates the vestibular system responsible for balance and coordination. Moving against the highly resistant fabric also activates the proprioception system responsible for knowing where we are in space.

After moving or resting in an Airwalker a child or adult can feel more alert, relaxed, and energized. Because of Airwalker ’s versatility, positive body experiences abound that increase self confidence, risk taking, and motivation. And... it’s just plain fun!  Children may be totally enwrapped, laid out flat, sitting, standing, or with another adult or child inside. A heavy gauge nylon webbing strap is included for adjusting its height. Airwalker is great for autistic children!

Airwalker ®
is lightweight, takes up minimal space, and measures 60" wide x 43" long.  Height will change depending on weight of child.  A heavy gauge nylon webbing strap is included for adjusting its height.  If you have low clearance such as an 8 ft. ceiling and the load is more than 80 lbs you may need the shorter version which is 10" shorter.  When possible, we recommend the regular length for more movement options.

Standard Airwalker is 60" wide x 43" long without child in it.. now includes Safety Rotational Device and adjustable webbing strap.  Can hold up to 150 lbs with proper ceiling attachment.

The Airwalker Safety Snap is highly recommended for protecting an Airwalker Hanging Strap when connecting to a forged eyebolt hanging support. This extra-strong, quick release device can also be used to connect a Short Airwalker directly to a forged eyebolt when there is limited ceiling height

Replacement Adjustable Hanging Strap - A 1-inch, heavy duty black polyester webbing strap
BNB-AWSS -  AirWalker  Safey Snap                    $15
BNB-AAHS     Adjustable Airwalker Hanging Strap  ................$21.95
AirWalker  Adjustable Hanging Strap
AirWalker  Safey Snap
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