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Buy your Anazao Total Body Workout Station NOW!

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The Anazao Total Body Workout Station is a complete functional training system, based on a wall bar and includes a complete set of resistance bands, grips and handles.  Made from high-quality materials including fine American wood, durable hollow-steel workout bars, high density rubber grips, heavy duty nylon strapping, quality fabrics, heavy duty hardware and pliable vinyl caps.This workout station is engineered for low impact and SAFE strength training, cardio and flexibility routines. Made with Pine rails and Hardwood dowels, the unit requires some assembly and a complete installation hardware kit is supplied. The gear and wall station are made in the U.S.A.  The continuous loop bands are made from pure, layered latex for strength and durability, and can  accommodate light or aggressive workouts. Easy to install and use.
Single Bar Station Dimensions: 90 high X 31 wide X 4 deep. Steel bar is covered with a thermoplastic polymer that helps secures the anchor straps in place. The anchor system on top of the bars has 2 large steel anchors (4 long) and one neoprene loop to slide the bands through when necessary. There are 3 additional mobile anchor straps on the bar with the same anchor set-up. These can slide up and down the bar and lock in any position.  At the bottom of the bar are 2 large rubber O-rings. These are used to better secure the anchors when considerable tension is used for upward movements. There are three 31 long cedar support boards with 16 oak dowels to hand gear and bands. The unit can be attached to any solid structure. This includes standard walls, cement walls and commercial buildings. Hardware is included to mount to studs in the wall.

Great for:
Strength/Resistance Training
Wheelchair/Powerchair Workouts
Martial Arts/MMA

Anazao Total Body Workout Station Kit includes:

40" bar
17" Bar
Butterfly Sling
Leg and Glute Strap
2 Custom Handles
Six (6) continuous loop 20" resistance bands
with 3 levels of resistance

 Anazao Universal Workout Station with 1 bar
Anazao Universal Workout Station with 1 bar

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