AquaJogger®  AquaRunners RX to aid your aquatic exercising.
AquaJogger®  AquaRunners RX
AquaJogger®  AquaRunners RX
Items to go with your AquaJogger®  AquaRunners RX
AquaJogger® AquaRunners RX is a wonderful tool for toning and strengthening your body in the water.  Wearing resistance footwear increases cardiovascular workout, and strengthens and tones lower body. Designed for deep-water aerobics, the AquaRunners are best suited for use in pools that are deep enough to allow for full freedom of movement.

• Soft, durable, chlorine-resistant EVA foam
• Slip-on design features strapping system
• Adjusts to width of every foot
• Adjustable floating heel strap
• Free workout guide included

(Water Shoes provide protection for feet and traction when walking.  As with any footgear, please use caution when walking on a wet and slippery surface.)
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AquaJoggerr® AquaRunners RX

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