Sqoodle Exercise Noodles to aid your aquatic exercising.
Sqoodle Exercise Noodle
Sqoodle Exercise Noodles
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The Sqoodle Water Noodle adds more fun to your water exercising by adding more Buoyancy & Resistance. Sqoodle is a square water noodle made of soft EVA foam.  Made by AquaJogger Sqoodle is thicker and sturdier than your typical water noodle. In fact, this innovative square exercise noodle will take your aquatic workout to the next level with more buoyancy, more support and more resistance than standard water noodles. Ever better, the Sqoodle’s comfortable, versatile design makes it perfect for exercising and lounging. Even your kids will love the Sqoodle. Closed cell technology prevents your foam noodle from becoming water-logged, so it lasts for a long time.

Features of the Sqoodle Water Noodle:
Most buoyant water noodle on the market
Thick & Long 3”x64”
Made with soft, non-irritating, and durable EVA foam
Chlorine resistant

Size: 3" x 48"
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Sqoodle Exercise Noodle
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