Back Vitalizer™ for back support
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Back Vitalizer™
Back Vitalizerô Pillow
The Back Vitalizerô Pillow provides  back support and relieves back pain. .  Back Vitalizerô is a 16" x 12" multi-functional air pillow, the Back Vitalizerô offers multiple ways to relieve back pain: When laid upon, it bridges the lumbar spine for decompression of the discs. Placed on a chair behind the back, it functions as a lumbar suport. When sat upon, it functions similar to an exercise ball activating the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine for core stability. On the seating surface, it functions as a posture positioning wedge. In standing, it can be used for ankle rehab and balance training. Premium biodegradable polyurethane coated nylon is durable and easily washable. Adjustable inflation allows for total control of the level of exercise or support. Supports up to 400 pounds.

Features include:

    * Relieve Back Pain
    * Improve Sitting Posture
    * Correct Forward Head Posture
    * Reduce Neck and/or Shoulder Pain
    * Improve Postural Stability
    * Improve Spinal Musculoskeletal Health
    * Strengthen Low Back and Core Stability
    * Prevent Low Back Injuries
    * Promote Sensory Integration
    * Inflates with small needle ball pump (sold separately)
    * Dimensions:  16" x 12"
    * Supports up to 400 poumda
    * Easy to use
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Back Vitalizerô
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