Body Spoirt Ankle Cuffs for toning and strengthening your legs and ankles.
Body Sport®  Ankle Cuffs will help you shape your lower body.
Body Sport®  Ankle Cuffs
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your .
Buy your Body Sport Ankle Cuffs NOW!
Body Sport Ankle Cuffs are great  for toning and strengthening your legs and ankles!  Tone and shape your lower body with your choice of 3 resistance levels of tubing that has a padded cuff design.  These fantastic Body Sport Ankle Cuffs deliver added comfort for the user while stabilizing the tubing.  Body Sport exercise ankle cuffs have adjustable velcro padded ankle cuffs that fit most ankles.  Body Sport Loop Bands are simply a great addition to any workout.

Body Sport Ankle Cuff Tubing is designed to be worn correctly! Make sure the tubing is around the OUTSIDE of the ankles with the black pads surrounding the outer side of each ankle and velcro® secured on the inside of the ankle before you workout!

Body Sport®  Ankle Cuff Features include:

-    2 foam pads for extra comfort
-    Added adjustable velcro padded ankle cuffs
-    24" ring
-    Ideal for lower body workout
-    Sold individually or as a set of all 3
-    Come in 3 color-coded strengths: 
-    Blue - Light resistance; 
-    Yellow - Medium Resistance
-    Red - Heavy Resistance

Caution: This product may contain Dry Rubber or Natural Latex which may cause allergic reaction.
Buy your Body Sport Ankle Cuffs NOW!
BNB-BSACL   - Blue Light Resistance Body Sport Ankle Cuff           $11.25

BNB-BSACM  - Yellow Medium Resistance Body Sport Ankle Cufff $11.50

BNB-BSACH  - Red Heavy Resistance Body Sport Ankle Cuff         $12.00

BNB-BSACS3  - Set of all 3 strengths Body Sport Ankle Cuffs         $33.00

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  Body Sport®  Resistance Tube Pulling Strength Data   
Item Resistance Level Specifications Tube Length Pull to 100cm Pull to 150cm Pull to 200cm
    inner diameter x outside diameter   pulling strength (lb) at 100% elongation pulling strength (lb) at 200% elongation pulling strength (lb) at 300% elongation
Loop Tube Light 5 x 7 original length
2.72 3.69 4.67
Loop Tube Medium 6 x 9 original length
4.94 6.74 8.53
Loop Tube Heavy 6 x 10 original length
7.18 10.78 10.78
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55cm Green BodySport Fitness Ball
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