Body Sport Resistance Tubes are a great way to build strength and endurance.
BodySport ExerciseTubing are great afor rehab and fitness training programs.
Body Sport Fitness Performance Tubing
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your BodySport ExerciseTubing.
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Buy your BodySport ExerciseTubing NOW!
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Thera-Loop™ Non-Slip Door Anchor
BodySport Tubing with Foam Handles ORDER BELOW:
Body Sport Studio Series Fitness Performance Tubing
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BodySport Tubing are a great way to build strength and endurance.
BodySport®  Fitness Performance Tubing is specially designed for resistive workouts in a gym.or any fitness facility.  Created to hold up to the frequent and invense workouts.    A  great way to tone and shape your body.  BodySport®Fitness Performance Tubing has larger handles than most tubing as well as reinforced foam cushioned handles which makes it more comfortable to use.  This is a highly durable, gym quality tubing which you will be quite impressed with.   The Body Sport exercise band provides a simple way to allow you to continue an effective home exercise program at an affordable price.

Tubing is economical way to exercise. They are portable and versatile. Different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the tubing.  BodySport® Tubing is color-coded for the resistance levels with 4 levels - light, medium,  heavy & extra heavy.  Great for rehabilitation and exercising! 

BodySport® Studio series Fitness Performance Tubing Features:

- Improved manufacturing process creates a tube that will hold up to the frequent and intense uses in fitness facilities, workout routines, physical therapy, etc - Natural rubber tubing provides a smooth, consistent stretch
- More durable than regular Body Sport tubing
- Light and Medium Resistance Tubes are 48” in length
   - Heavy and X-heavy Resistance Tubes are 52” in length
-  Cushioned, foam handles for a comfortable grip
-  Available in 4 color-coded resistances
-  Contains latex
-  Economical
-  Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion

*Add a Thera-Loop Non-Slip Door Anchor for more flexibility in exercising!
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Color Recommended Use
BLUE Beginner Level
- Light Resistance
YELLOW Intermediate Level
- Medium Resistance
RED - Advanced Level
Heavy Resistance
GREEN - Advanced Level
Extra Heavy Resistance
  Body Sport®  Resistance Tube Pulling Strength Data   
Item Resistance Level Specifications Tube Length Pull to 100cm Pull to 150cm Pull to 200cm
    inner diameter x outside diameter   pulling strength (lb) at 100% elongation pulling strength (lb) at 200% elongation pulling strength (lb) at 300% elongation
Resistance Tube Light 5 x 9 original length
6.29 9.88 12.57
Resistance Tube Medium 5 x 10 original length
10.33 15.27 19.76
Resistance Tube Heavy 5 x 12 original length
15.76 23.3 30.3
Resistance Tube Extra Heavy 6 x 13 original length
16.95 25.1 32.64

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