Body Sport Weighted Hurdles
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Body Sport Weighted Hurdles
Body Sport Weighted Hurdles Set
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Body Sport Weighted Hurdles Set.
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Buy your Body Sport Weighted Hurdles NOW!
BNB-BSWH6   Body Sport 6" Weighted Hurdle Set                  $60
Buy your Body Sport Weighted Hurdles NOW!
Body Sport Weighted Hurdles Set
Body Sport Weighted Hurdles are great for agility training!  These sturdy Body Sport Weighted Hurdles resist tipping so you can train more and set up hurdles less. Made of heavy-duty plastic, they are extremely stable a perfect tool for hurdle training, developing footwork and improving agility and timing of strides. Chose from 3 heights to meet your particular needs and training goals. Lightweight and portable, they come with a convenient nylon carrying bag to take with you from home-to-office and on the road.

Features of the Body sport Weighted Hurdle Set:

    Increases agility, develops footwork and times strides.
    Professionally weighted for tip resistance.
    Made of strong heavy-duty plastic.   
    Sold as set of 6
    Heights: 6, 9 and 12.
    Color: bright yellow.
    Sold as set of 6
    Nylon carry case included.
BNB-BSWH9   Body Sport 9" Weighted Hurdle Set              $65
BNB-BSWH12   Body Sport 12" Weighted Hurdle Set            $70
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