Bodyblade® Exercise Blades
Bodyblade® Exercise Blade  is great for hand, wrist and shoulder strengthening exercising!
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BodyBlade Exerciser  helps you get in fit and strengthen your muscles.
BodyBlade® Exercise Blades
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Bodyblade® Exercise Blade.
Buy your Bodyblade® Exercise Blade  NOW!
The BodyBlade®  system of training provides a functional tri-plane, core based training environment ideal for rehabilitation, sports performance training, personal training and group exercise. Each Bodyblade® is designed to improve strength, balance, coordination, proprioception, posture, and core stabilization using low level vibration and inertia, not gravity.  BodyBlades challenge every major muscle group to perform with precision, accuracy and with less risk of injury. You are in control of the intensity and acceleration of this superior athletic conditioning tool.

Bodyblade® automatically delivers progressive resistance targeting the small, deep stabilizing muscles, as well as the larger prime movers in an exquisitely balanced approach to training the body from the center out. All units come with instructions DVD and wall exercise chart.

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Buy your Bodyblade® Exercise Blade  NOW!

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BNB-BBPB  -  Black PRO 60" Bodyblade®    Exerciser                      $159.95

BNB-BBCB  -  Black Classic 48"  Bodyblade®    Exerciser                  $99.95

BNB-BBCTX  -  Yellow CTX  40" Bodyblade®  Exerciser                     $59.95
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Bodyblade® Pro
(6"n. x 2:., 1-34 lbs resistance)
BodyBlade® CTX
(40in. x 1.75in., 1-8 lbs resistance)
Bodyblade® Classic
(48in. x 1.75"., 1-22 lbs resistance)