BodySox are great for childrens fitness activities to promote cooperation and flexibility.
BodySox™ Exercise Bands increase overall body coordination.
BodySox Bands help you get fit.
BodySox  Exercise Bands
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®  creates a protective and imaginative space for children and adults. Great for tactile stimulation, sensory integration, and self expression. 1993 Early Childhood Director's Choice Award. BodySox™ Bands come in five sizes and are a unique way to experience you body and get fit creatively.

The BodySox  was awarded the 1993 Early Childhood Director's Choice Award   Whether you are young or mature, large or small, once inside BodySox , you will find yourself in a private domain which begs for physical and spatial exploration. Experience your body in a new way…. increase body awareness, strength, and creativity.

As you move, your shapes become three dimensional, amorphous, and art-like, not only appealing to you, but to those watching. Expand your imagination within the BodySox’s protective walls, dancing images of rolling rocks, hatching eggs, moving puzzle pieces, or birds of flight. 

® can also improve the relationship between child and adult as they co-create together inside an extra large or tall size. A child can also be inside a BodySox® with their head outside. BodySox® creates an experience of "I can see you, but you can't see me" which increases the sense of personal safety, loosens inhibitions, and stimulates a spirit of play. BodySox® provides comfortable pressure to those with special needs, especially autistic children . 

BodySox™ has a Velcro® opening and comes in six sizes: 

Extra Small   2 - 3 years old (heights to 39")
Small             3 - 5 years old (heights of 40-46")
Medium         6 - 8 years old (heights of 47"-55")
Large             9 - 12 years old  (heights of 56"-65")
Extra Large   Adult (heights of 66"-70")
Tall                  5 ft. 8 in. and over (heights over 70")

Purchase BodySox® Instructional DVD for exercise instruction and ideas
BNB-BSXS        Extra Small BodySox® Band ................$41.95

BNB-BSS          Small BodySox® Band ............................$45.95

BNB-BSS           Medium BodySox®  Band .......................$49.95

BNB-BSL           Large BodySox®  Band ...........................$53.95

BNB-BSXL        Extra Large Adult BodySox® Band .........$61.95

BNB-BST           Tall Adult BodySox® Band.......................$64.95

BNB-BSDVD       BodySox® Instructional DVD.............$19.95
Buy your BodySox Exercise Bands NOW!

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