The  BRTBALL® stability Ball is GREAT for sports training!
The  BRTBALL Fitness Ball is GREAT for exercising & sports training!
 BRTBALL® Sports Exercise Ball
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your  BRTBALL® Exercise Ball.
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BRT (Burst Resistance Training)  are special Professional Exercise Balls made from special burst resistant foam plastic.  The FitPro BRT Training Exercise Balls  with the flexton silpower® exclusive material that is super soft and tacky offering a "foam-like" padded surface for added comfort. They   deflate slowly and are highly sturdy.

The Champion Sports F Burst Resistance Training Professional Exercise Ball lets you work on specific muscle groups to stretch them out. Good for core straightening, balance, posture, flexibility  & more. Even take this exercise ball to the office and work out at your desk.  The ultimate stability ball for weight and training exercises is here.  Made from flexton silpowerŪ (patent) exclusive material
flexton silpowerŪ (patent) exclusive material from Champion Sports.  They are burst resistant meaning, this ball deflates slowly if torn or punctured, providing additional quality and safety.  This exercise ball will support over 500 lbs, and has a shell twice as thick as most other exercise balls. Champion Sports BRTBALL Training and Exercise Balls improve core strength and flexibility, making them a great choice for your gym class and athletic programs.

- Made by Champion Sports
- Burst resistant foam plastic exercise ball
- The ultimate stability ball for weight and heavy training exercises
- Supports over 500 lbs.
- Double shell thickness
- Manufactured with the flexton silpowerŪ (patent) exclusive material
- super soft and tacky, offering a "foam-like" padded surface for added comfort.
- Deflates slowly if torn or punctured, providing additional quality and safety
- Safe
- Will support over 500 lbs
- Shell is twice as thick as our FitPro and most other exercise balls
- 30 Day Warranty
- Balls are shipped deflated and must be inflated before using.
- NOTE: colors may vary

42 cm (18") diameter
53 cm (22") diameter
65 cm (25") diameter
75 cm (29") diameter
95 cm (37") diameter
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