SloMo BumpBalls and great for grasping , sensory integration and massaging.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your SloMo BumpBalls .
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BNB-BBL - Large Slomo Bump Ball Set of 6    $46.95

SloMo BumpBalls
SloMo BumpBalls
Sensory Balls
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WePlay PVC Free Balance Cushion
Every feature of SloMo Bump Balls actually facilitate catching and grasping. SloMo Bump Balls are so light, they move through the air with a balloon-like float. This slower movement provides more time for eye-tracking and a higher level of success. Inflation and durability are never a problem. Flexible yet so durable, it holds up to the roughest use.  Sold as a Set of 6  (one each of the primary and secondary colors) or individually.  2 sizes available small or large

The Large SloMo Bump Balls thin, foam-like walls are so flexible, it can be blown up with breath alone to any size between 8 1/2" and 10" (22 and 25cm).

The Small SloMo Bump Balls are  4" (10cm)

Made of foam with bumps on the outside
Sizes:  Large is between 8 1/2" and 10" (22 and 25cm)
Large BumpBall is inflatable with a straw which is included
Colors vary
Easy to catch and throw
For Ages 3
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