Cando Elastic Stretch Staps are great for stretching & flexibility!
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Cando Elastic Stretch Strap in use
Cando Elastic Stretch Stap
The strap that stretches as you stretch. The Cando® Dynamic Stretch Strap is made with elastic pockets that allow the user to ease into a stretch. Cando® Dynamic Stretch Strap permits dynamic rather than static stretching. The strap is designed for “facilitated stretching”, an active form of stretching that uses isometric contractions to achieve greater flexibility gains than from static stretching. Reduces the need for a stretching partner.

Provides stretching and relief for: Arthritis, Ankles, Plantar Faciitis, Heel Spurs, Lower Back pain, Hamstrings, Ankles, Inner Thighs, Calves, Quadriceps, Osteoporosis, Knee pain and Inflexibility

Cando Dynamic Stretch Strap Features:
·  Helps improve flexibility and range of motion
·  Trains muscle fibers to relax into the stretch 
·  Provides facilitated stretching
·  Completely portable and can be used anywhere
·  Replaces a stretching partner   
Cando Elastic Stretch Strap
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