Exercise Bar and tubing combo
Cando® Rolup™ Exercise Bars help you get in fit and strengthen your muscles.
Cando® Exercise Bar and Tubing Combo
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Cando® Exercise Bar and tubing combo.
Buy your Exercise Bar and tubing combo NOW!
The Cando Exercise Bar and Tubing Combo is ideal for exercise and rehabilitation treatment. This Exercise Bar provides a convenient approach to unique weight lifting needs. Great for conditioning and training, the Cando Exercise Bar is crafted from high quality materials to ensure long life and extended durability. The Cando Exercise Bar is a perfect tool for improving endurance, balance and motor skills.
The exercise bar and Tubing Combo is GREAT for Pilates, body sculpting, strength training & resistance training as well! Resistance tubing enables you to work on specific areas for toning and body sculpting. They are the easiest and most effective fitness equipment to begin using. Exercise tubing can take you through a full body workout. They require minimal space and are cost effective.

The Cando®  Exercise Bar and Tubing Combo Features:
  -   Easy to use and grip
  -   Foam covered exercise Bar
  -  Can wind up tubing to increase resistance
  -  Yellow tubing included
  -  Made in USA by makers of the Cando®
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Buy your Exercise Bar and tubing combo NOW!

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Cando®  Exercise Bar and tubing combo
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