CanDo® Jelly™ Expander Tubing Bands for strething, toning and resistance training.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your CanDo® Jelly™ Expander.
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Buy your CanDo® Jelly™ Expander NOW!
BNB-CJESL   -   Light Red CanDo Jelly Single Expander               $12.95

BNB-CJESM  -    Medium Green CanDo Jelly Single Expander     $12.95

BNB-CJESH   -   Heavy Blue CanDo Jelly Single Expander           $12.95

BNB-CJESST  -   Set of all 3 CanDo Jelly Single Expanders          $35.95

BNB-CJEDL   -   Light Red CanDo Jelly Double Expander               $16.95

BNB-CJEDM  -    Medium Green CanDo Jelly Double Expander     $16.95

BNB-CJEDH   -   Heavy Blue CanDo Jelly Double Expander          $16.95

BNB-CJEDST   -   Set of all 3 CanDo Jelly Double Expanders        $44.95

BNB-CJETL   -   Light Red CanDo Jelly Triple Expander               $21.95

BNB-CJETM  -    Medium Green CanDo Jelly Triple Expander     $21.95

BNB-CJSTH   -   Heavy Blue CanDo Jelly Triple Expander            $21.95

BNB-CJETST   -   Set of all 3 CanDo Jelly Triple Expanders          $59.95

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Cando Exercise Band Loops help you trim and shape your thighs, lega and hips.
CanDo® Jelly™ Expander Tubing Bands

ProRoller Foam Rollers
Triple Jelly Chest Expander
Single Expander
Jelly Chest Expander
Double Jelly Expander

The CanDo® Jelly™ Expander is great for upper body exercises. The gel-type stretch exerciser is available in 3 configuration types with 3 color-coded resistances for each configuration. Use these lightweight exerciser to stretch, tone and shape.  Great for toning, stretching and resistance training.  Comfortable material for resistance exercising.  Easy to use.  Can do a great variety of exercise with these versitile expander bands.
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