Cando Kid's Jumping Ball for a fun way of getting children to exercise.
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The FUNNEST kid's jumping ball from Cando.  This hop ball or  hopper ball as they are also called is made of thick PVC vinyl.  The heavy-duty Cando® jumping ball is ideal for exercise activities and a fun way to provide proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation. The ball has heavy-duty grip handles designed to give the user secure control at all times. Available in four sizes to fit almost every size child. Ball holds up to 300lbs.


Perfect for ergonomic sitting
Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength
Available in 4 sizes: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm & 55cm
Good for vestibular exercising
Bright colors kid's love
Heavy-duty grip handles designed to give the user secure control at all times
Fun way for kids to get exercise - Kid's LOVE Jumping Balls!!!
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Buy your Cando Kid's Jumping Ball NOW!
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Cando Kid's Jump Balls
BNB-FEKJ45 -  45cm Red Cando Kid's Jump Ball..........$14.95
BNB-FEKJ50  -  50cm Green Cando Kid's Jump Ball.....$16.95
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Sizing Guideline:

40cm Ball inflates to 15.5"     Kid Height for  ~  Under 53"
45cm Ball inflates to 17"        Kid Height for  ~  53"- 56"
50cm Ball inflates to 19"        Kid Height for  ~  56" - 60"
55cm Ball inflates to 21"       Kid Height for  ~  60" - 63"
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Cando Kid's Jumping Ball
Cando Kid's Jumping Balls

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