Cando Klip Exercise Pack
Cando Klip Exercise Pack
Cando Klip Exercise Band Pack
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Cando PEP+ Exercise Band Kit.
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This special Cando Klip Exercise Pack contains what you need to make your exercise bands into loop style bands without the need of tying the ends together.  It includes 3 exercise bands and provides more functional abilities to your exercise bands.

The Cando® Klip+ Exercise Band Pack contains:
3 different resistance Cando® 4' low powder exercise bands
A special band Klip™ to enable the medium to be joined to form an exercise loop without the need to tie the ends together

The Cando Band Klip will make your resistance band a loop style band for lower body exercises and upper body exercises.    Form the exercise band into an exercise loop and secure with the appropriate klip.  No longer will you have to feel insecure with knotted ends or struggle through the process or unknotting the band.  These Exercise Band Clips can also be used to prevent one end of the exercise medium from being pulled through a door anchor as well. 
The band handles helps you get a good grip for certain exercises and makes you exercise bands more flexible and functional.

Comes in 3 levels:
Easy (yellow, red, green bands)
Moderate (green, blue black bands)
Heavy (black, silver, gold bands)
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BNB-CKPE       Light Cando Klip Exercise Pack ................$12.00

BNB-CKPM      Medium  Cando Klip Exercise Pack ...........$13.00

BNB-CKPH      Heavy Cando Klip Exercise Pack ................$14.00
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Cando Klip Exercise Pack
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