Cando® Massage Balls are perfect for massage and sensory therapy.
Cando® Massage Balls
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Cando® Massage Balls .
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                                   7CM, 8CM, 9CM, 10CM

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Buy your Cando® Massage Balls  NOW!
Cando® Massage Balls are perfect for massage and sensory therapy. The "bumpy" textured surface also promotes sensory stimulation and is perfect for manual dexterity exercises. Ease away tension and release muscles throughout the body using Cando Bumpy Balls. They offer stimulation feedback while relaxing fingers, legs, feet and back.    Cando® Massage Balls are ideal for finger and grip exercisers.  These moderately firm sensory balls come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for massage and sensory therapy. They are wonderful yoga massage ballsColors may vary.  Please note: 15 cm massage ball ships UNINFLATED.

     · 7cm  - 15mm
     · Bright colors:  Colors vary
     · Can purchase a set of 4 with the 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, & 10cm or as a set of ALL 5 balls
     · Ideal for light massage & sensory therapy
     · Perfect for finger and grip exercising
     · Good for yoga
     · Large 15cm ball is a great bumpy ball for back massage and therapy like Dr Oz uses

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Cando massage ball in use for the back.
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BNB-RNP    -   Needle Ball Pump             $4.00
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Needle Ball Pump for body therapy balls & other balls including fitness balls

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