Use Cando Rubber Medicine Balls to get you in great shape!
Use Cando® Rubber Medicine Balls to get you in great shape!
Cando® Rubber Medicine Balls
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BNB-CM6     -  1 lb. Tan Cando Rubber Medicine Ball                     $12.50

BNB-CM2   -     2 lb. Yellow Cando  Rubber Medicine Ball               $15.00

BNB-CM4   -     4 lb.  Red Cando  Rubber Medicine Ball                  $20.00

BNB-CM7   -     7 lb. Green Cando  Rubber Medicine Ball               $30.00

BNB-CM11   -  11 lb. Blue  Cando  Rubber Medicine Ball                $42.50

BNB-CM15   -   15 lb. Black Cando  Rubber Medicine Ball              $57.50

BNB-CM20   -     20 lb. Silver Cando  Rubber  Medicine Ball           $75.00

BNB-CM30   -     30 lb. Gold Cando  Rubber  Medicine Ball           $135.00

BNBCMSet5    -  Set of 5 ( 2, 4, 7. 11 & 15 lb.) Cando Med Balls  $157.50
Buy your Cando Rubber Medicine Balls  NOW!
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Cando Rubber Medicine Balls.
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Cando®  Balls are ideal for abdominal training, rotational movement and strength training.  Made of rubber so they will bounce.  Perfect for core and torso exercises.  Available in a set of 5

The Cando® Rubber Medicine Ball Features:

Textured surface of ball for easy grip
Balanced, uniform weight.
Constructed with rubber to bounce
8 Sizes from 1 lb. to 30 lbs
Balls diameters from 20.8" to 27.9".
Color coded by weight