Cando Sensi Saddle Rolls / Sensi Peanut Rolls
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Cando Sensi Saddle Rolll
The Cando Exercise Sensi Peanut Ball has a specialty textured "nubby" surface that adds pleasurable tactile and visual elements to ball therapy. The Cando Sensi-Saddle Roll is much easier to control than balls. Cando Exercise Sensi-Saddle Roll  aid in developing muscles, coordination and balance. A therapist may find that rolls have some advantages over balls: they are easier to control because the rolls motion is limited to the forward and backward rotation. Further, the Cando Exercise Sensi-Saddle Roll offers extra support for the patient. Cando Sensi-Saddle Rolls also make a great addition to individual physical fitness regimes. The molded vinyl Cando Exercise Sensi-Saddle Roll can support 600 lbs.

Specially textured "NUBBY" surface adds pleasurable tactile and visual element to ball therapy
Aids in developing muscles
Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength
Available in 3 sizes: 40cm,  50cm & 60cm
Easier to control than regular exercise balls - rolls only forward abd backward
-  Also called PEANUT BALLS
Can support 600 lbs
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BNB-FECSSR40   40 cm  Yellow Cando Sensi Peanut Ball............$33.95
BNB-FECSSR50   50 cm Orange Cando Sensi Peanut Balll...........$43.95
BNB-FECSSR60   60 cm Green Cando Sensi Peanut Ball..............$53.95

Buy your Cando Sensi Saddle Roll NOW!
Cando Sensi Saddle Rolls / Sensi Peanut Rolls
Cando Sensi Peanut Balls
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