Cando Straight Rolls
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BNB-FECSTR40   40 cm  Yellow Cando Straight Roll............$29.99

BNB-FECSTR50   50 cm Orange Cando Straight Roll...........$39.99

BNB-FECSTR60   60 cm Green Cando Straight Roll.............$49.99
Buy your Cando Straight Roll NOW!
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Cando Exercise Ball with Feet

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Cando Straight Roll
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The CanDo Exercise Straight Roll only moves in a side-to-side manner making it easier to use than the standard exercise ball. In addition, the added length of the CanDo Exercise Straight Roll  makes it possible to have a friend or therapist sit on or straddle the roll with you. Comes in 3 sizes.

The straingt roll size and length make it easier to use than traditional exericse balls
Aids in developing muscles
Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength
Available in 4 sizes:  Yellow 40cm x 90cm - 16" x 35" ;  Orange 50cm x 110cm  20" x 39" ;  & Green 60cm  x 135cm - 24" x 42" & Red 70cm x 120cm -  28" x 47"
Easier to control than regular exercise balls - rolls only forward and backward
-  Added length provides room for a therapist or frind to sit on with you
Can support 600 lbs
Cando Straight Rolls
Cando Straight Rolls