Cando Super Fitness Balls
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Cando SUPER Exercise Balls are the best quality, strongest, thickest, sturdiest & heaviest of ball of all Cando exercise balls!  .These bust resistant exercise balls are made of extra heavy duty phthalate free material that is specially formulated to release air slowly if a sharp object like a pen or pencil accidentally punctures he ball.  They have a non-slip surface that is ribbed for extra security.  They can support up to 600 pounds and come in a polybag. Comes in 5 sizes from 45cm to 85cm.   The balls are color coded by size.  These super exercise balls may be "under" inflated to give a soft, mushy feel or "over"inflated for a firm, bouncy feel.

Cando Super Fitness Balls are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength or simply just for fun. Balls are used by pediatric and NDT therapists as an aid for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy, by fitness professionals as an aid for stretching and strength programs, by pregnant women in birthing classes and people with back problems.


Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength
non-slip surface that is ribbed for extra security
Ball supports up to 600 lbs.
Sizes:  45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75 cm or 85cm
Latex Free Made of extra heavy duty phthalate free material
Packaged in a Poly-Bag
Cando Super Exercise Balls
Cando SUPER Exercise Balls
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