Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bars
 Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar helps you get in fit and strengthen your muscles.
Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Hand Exerciser Bar
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar.
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Cando® Twist-Bend-Shake (TBS™) Bar - The Most Versatile Cando® Bar!
The Cando® Twist-Bend-Shake TBS™ bar is an extremely versatile exercise products. It can be used to perform three distinct forms of exercise. The bar can be positioned anywhere to exercise almost all muscle groups. For all exercises, resistance can be changed by changing the distance between the hands and/or by changing to a different resistance bar.

TWIST: Place both hands on the bar. Twist the bar by flexing one wrist and extending the other.

BEND: Place both hands on or near the ends of the bar. Keep your hands in position and exert force to bend the bar. This force will flex the bar in the middle.

TWIST-N-BEND: Combine the Twist and Bend operations for a whole new group on exercises.

SHAKE: Place one or two hands at one end of the bar. Shake (push, pull or rotate) the bar. The bar will flex. The resistance needed to control the bar increases as the amount of flexion increases. You can control the amount of force needed to “work” the bar by slowing down or speeding up the flexion of the bar, or changing to a different resistance bar.
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 Cando® Twist-Bend-Shake™ Exerciser Bar - bending
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