Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bars
The  Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar is great for hand, wrist and shoulder strengthening exercising!
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 Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar helps you get in fit and strengthen your muscles.
Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Hand Exerciser Bar
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar.
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The Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar is a lightweight, portable exerciser designed to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder. Also promotes coordination and increases ROM. Perform oscillation movements for neuromuscular and balance training. Use for soft tissue and joint mobilization. The rubber bar utilizes same graduated progressive color code as other elastic Cando® products. Consistent bar diameter and length throughout resistances. This means you use the same muscles with each resistance.

The Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar Features:
  -   Lightweight
  -   Portable
  -   Made of hard rubber with elasticity
  -   Sturdy
  -   Strengthens muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder
  -   Comes in 6 strengths from xx-light to x-heavy
  -   Comes in 2 lengths:  12" or 24"
  -  Made in USA by Cando®
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Buy your  Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar NOW!

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BNB-CTBT  -   xx-Light Tan Cando Twist-n-Bend Hand Exercisers         $12.50

BNB-CTBY  -   x-Light Yellow Cando Twist-n-Bend Hand Exercisers      $12.50

BNB-CTBR  -   Light Red Cando Twist-n-Bend Hand Exercisers            $12.50

BNB-CTBG  -  Medium Green Cando Twist-n-Bend Hand Exercisers    $12.50

BNB-CTBB  -   Heavy Blue Cando Twist-n-Bend Hand Exercisers         $12.50

BNB-CTBK  -   x-Heavy Black Cando Twist-n-Bend Hand Exercisers    $12.50

BNB-CTBS  -   Set of all 6 Cando Twist-n-Bend Hand Exercisers           $70.95
 Cando® Twist-n-Bend™ Exerciser Bar
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