CanDo Wobble Ball
Cando Core-Training Balance Dome
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your CandoWobble Balance Domec.
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Buy your Cando Core-Training Vestibular Dome NOW!
BNB-CWBD   -   Cando Wobble Ball Balance Dome     $59.95

Buy your Cando Core-Training Vestibular Dome NOW!
Cando Vestibular Sitting Wedge
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Cando® Wobble Ball Balance Dome is great for balance activities! The CanDo® Wobble Ball can be used for vestibular stimulation, core training, and general balance exercises. You can adjust the level of difficulty by adding or removing air from the Wobble Ball. Use the dome curved-side down as a seat, rocker board, or to kneel on for vestibular activities. With the flat side down, use the Wobble Ball for balance, core, coordination, flexibility and strengthening exercises.

Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength
Can be inflated or deflated to adjust the difficulty level
Dimensions: 18" x 8" x 18"
One continuous unit
ProRoller Foam Rollers
Wobble Balance Dome
Cando Core-Training Vestibular Dome
Cando Wobble Ball Balance Dome

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