Agility Cone Set
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Buy your Agility Cone Set NOW!
BNB-ACSO   Champion Sports Orange Agility Cone Set  $16.95
Buy your Agility Cone Set NOW!
Agility Cones
Hard plastic bright orange or yellow Agility Cone Set to build endurance and agility.  This 9 Agility Cone Set by Champion Sports allows you to set distant markers to really push yourself or your team in building agility and speed. These waterproof, plastic cones are set with a wide base and will not easily tip. Set up a full range of training drills, such as back-pedaling, sprinting, direction changes, pass-offs and more. This Set of 6Agility Cones is your affordable and flexible source for agility training gear.

Features of the Champion Sports Agility Cone Set :

Use indoors and outdoors.
Ideal for field marking and agility drills.
Bright orange or yellow for maximum visibility.
Made of durable plastic.
Set of 6.
Height: 9"
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