FitDisc Balance Seating Cushion for strengthening,  sitting and balance.
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FitDisc Balance Seating Cushion for sitting and balance.
FitDisc Balance & Sitting Cushion
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your FitDisc Balance Seating Cushion.
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Champion Sports FitDisc Balance Seating Cushion
The FitDisc Balance Seating Cushion is a super cushion for kids & adults!  This special air cushion features a three-tiered folded construction. Helps with core strengthening.  The cushion stimulates sensory awareness, moderates the wiggles and provide a calm spot to sit.  A great cushion to sit or stand on.  An ideal choice for children with sensory processing and focus challenges. The cushion challenges balance and provides postural training.

This seating cushion has extra height for greater comfort, with a 12” diameter that fits smaller chairs. The Versatile Cushion can be blown up to 5" high. Two-sided design is smooth on one side; flip it over for a comforting massage of tactile “fingers” about 1/4 inch apart. Can also be used as a tool to improve balance – put it on the floor like a wobbly stepping stone they can stand on.

Cushion comes partially inflated and does not require pumping. However, to increase air volume you can purchase the Small Needle Hand Pump (sold separately).

The FItDisc Balance Sitting Cushion Features include:

-  Improves balance ability and posture training
- Great for sitting or standing
- Stimulates sensory awareness, moderates the wiggles and provide a calm spot to sit
-  Cushions seating area
-  Designed especially for children
-  Dimensions: 12" or 30cm width Height 1" - 5" depending on inflation
-  Latex Free
-  Has tactile fingers on one side
-  Inflated by a small needle hand pump (sold separately)
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