Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball by Charm Company are hop balls with a cover that will delight your  child while they exercise.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball.
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Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball  by Charm Company are hop balls with a cover that will delight your  child while they exercise. The next generation of hopping balls is here! These Hop-A-Long Hopper Balls have fun slip covers featuring some of your children's favorite animals. This Purple Unicorn Hopper Ball is ready to go! Their cuddly  purple body is soft and fun and the white mane and cute mouth are adorable. She also has a purple harness. Great exercise for children and helps expend lots of energy! She will become your child's favorite toy in no time!

Features of the Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball:
   -  Made by Charm Company
   -  Easily removable / washable plush cover
   -  18" ball
   -  Purple Unicorn cover with red ball
   -  Foot pump included
   -  Great for indoor / outdoor use
   -  Maximum rider weight 70 lbs
Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball will  help your child get fit.
Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball
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