CoOperBlanket DVD.are great for childrens fitness activities to promote cooperation and flexibility.
CoOperBlanket DVD. help you get fit.
CoOperBlanket DVD
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your CoOperBlanket DVD.
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Join dance/movement therapist Kimberly Dye and take your children on a fun filled movement journey with the CoOperBlanket DVD. Learn how to use the CoOperBlanket in warm-up exercises, cooperative movement games, and creative movement for both elementary and preschool age.

The CoOperBlanket™ not only promotes group cooperation and creativity, but its resistant fabric produces strong yet flexible bodies! It can take a group of shy, reserved people and set them free with a wondrous, cooperative journey of movement.  Use this dynamic DVD to learn exercises, gamesand new ways to use your CoOperBlanket™ Band.
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