Contour Leg Pillow for a good night's sleep
  Contour Leg Pillow for comfort and better sleep position.
  Contour Leg Pillow
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BNB-CLP   -   Contour Leg Pillow      $24.95
Buy your  Contour Leg Pillow NOW!
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Contour Leg Pillow will ease your pain and give your the support you need to get rest while lying down.  By ensuring proper hip alignment, the Contour Leg Pillow relieves stress on the body to alleviate lower back pain, knee pain and ankle pain. Its custom shape keeps the pillow in position for all-night comfort. Perfect for side sleepers, it fits perfectly right above the knees in between the thighs and stays in place all night.  Aligns the body properly to help settle into a deep sleep.Constructed from premium supportive foam with a soft velour cover. Very comfortable!

Measures 8" W x 10" L x 6" H.
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