The Diamond PowerBall Hand Exerciser is a simple yet effective piece of fitness equipment to relax your hands and imporve coordination.

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Buy your Diamond PowerBall Hand Exerciser NOW!

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Diamond PowerBall Hand Exercisers
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Use the Diamond PowerBall Hand Exerciser for strengthening, toning and dexterity of hand, finger and wrist! The Diamond Powerball Gyro Exerciser is capable of generating 15 lbs of resistance making it perfect for children, finger strength training, or grip training with small hands! The Diamond Powerball comes in Pink or Turquoise bands with matching LEDs. The faster your Powerball spins, the brighter the LEDs become. As you spin your gyro youíll feel the muscles from your finger tips to your biceps start to ache as your speed builds. With just one product you are able to target every flexor, extensor, tendon and muscle from your fingers to your shoulders!  Slip it in your pocket or purse when youíre done and take it with you for a quick workout on the go!

How Does the DFX Diamond PowerBall work? The rotor inside of the Diamond is capable of spinning in two directions, on the X axis and Y axis. The faster the rotor spins, the more it wants to stay spinning. When you move your hand, the rotor resists your handís movement. The faster it is spinning, the more it resists! So get your Diamond rotor spinning, turn your hand left to right like youíre turning a door knob and experience the wonders of a gyroscopic exercise!

Features of the DFX Diamond PowerBall Hand Exerciser :
Great for personal use for both children or adults. 
Spins up to 9000 RPM's
Up to 15 pounds of resistance
Strengthens hands, wrists, forearms, biceps and triceps
It is an excellent tool to aid in the relief and prevention of Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and other repetitive stress injuries
Color:  Crystal Clear with Pink or Turquoise bands and matching LEDS
Size:  ~2.5"
Color varies: blue, green & white
For ages 6 yrs. and up
BNB-DPBET  -  TurquoiseDFX Diamond PowerBall Hand Exerciser  $15.95