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Dr. Cohen's Acuback r for deep muscle massage.
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Dr. Cohen's Acuback
Dr. Cohen's Acuback is a wonderful heatable posture correction tool and muscle and joint release tool! Incredibly versatile and simple to use, your Acuback will soon become a trusted friend. Use it to sit, sleep, travel, and self-heal! Patented design recreates natural curvature of low back that is lost when we hunch forward. Creates effortless upright posture while computing or driving - no more forward slouching! It is heatable for deep tissue pain relief. Firmer than the AcuBall.  The Acuback spine align belt is contoured to stimulate blood flow and allow for customized deep tissue massage.  It's precision molded groove fits perfectly on vertebrae creating unparalleled seating comfort.

When used lying down as a self-healing tool, helps to loosen tight spinal areas from body weight alone. The Acubackís patented HEATABLE design keeps you sitting upright and effectively releases back, neck, leg, thigh and hand tension making you feel better 100% naturally. It is the ONLY HEATABLE back support on the market. 1 minute in microwave or 12 minutes boiling creates 75 minutes soothing heat.

Chair holding strap and carrying bag allowing you to keep your Acuback suspended on your chair for easy use and take it anywhere you need it (movie, train, friendís house, etc.).  Easy use instructions to get you feeling better right away.

Dr. Cohen's Acuback is used for:
posture correction
Muscle and joint release
Low Back
Legs & Thighs
Stress Relief

FEATURES of the Dr. Cohen's Acuback:
The HEATABLE Acuback creates effortless upright posture while releasing tight muscles and joints.
Relieves back, neck, shoulder & headache pain 100% naturally.
Improved ergonomics boosts workplace productivity and notably reduces end of day stiffness.
Light & Portable. Take it anywhere you need it.
Comes with chair holding strap that doubles as a carrying case for easy transport.
Dimensions: 3" D x 7.5" L
Weight: 1.39lb
Dr. Cohen's Acuback
Dr. Cohen's AcuBack
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