™s a simple yet effective piece of fitness equipment to relax your hands and imporve coordination.
The Balance Wedge is a simple yet effective piece of fitness equipment to improve your posture, for agility training and to strengthen your back and body.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your DynaFlex Gyro Exerciser.
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Buy your DynaFlex Gyro Exerciser NOW!
AeroMat Balance Wedge

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BNB-DFPPGE  -  DynaFlex Pro PLUS Gyro Exerciser $24.95
Cando Digi-Flex hand and finger exerciser
DynaFlex Gyro Exercisers
DynaFlex Gyro Exercisers
DynaFlex Gyro Exercisers are therapeutic for hands, wrists, arms, biceps & triceps with its high performance design. It increases endurance for all sports or any activity demanding control and grip strength. The DynaFlex™ gyroscopic exerciser is a fine precision instrument capable of speeds over 9,000 RPM. DynaFlex™ provides a relaxing and extremely effective way to strengthen your grip, wrist, forearm and biceps, as well as improving coordination without strenuous exercise.  Regular use can increase grip strength and range of motion while strengthening muscles.

This product is recommended by sports trainers and chiropractors everywhere! It can help you gain a competitive edge in sports requiring hand speed, accuracy, and grip strength! The Gyro Exerciser is even capable of aiding in rehabilitation of Carpal Tunnel syndrome! Improve your coordination while building strength at the same time!

- Helps increase grip, wrist, forearm, shoulder, and arm strength
PowerDock Compatible (docking station not included)
- Helps aid in prevention and elimination of carpel tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, and many other Repetitive Stress Injuries
- Can increase grip strength, range of motion, and strengthen arms, elbows, and shoulder muscles
- Great for gamers & musicians too!
- Instructional Training CD
- Includes starter cords
- Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
- Does not require batteries
- DynaFlex Pro Gyro Exerciser generates 25 lbs. of torque with speeds up to 9,000 rpm
- DynaFlex Pro Plus Gyro generates 30 lbs. torque with speeds up to 11,000 rpm
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