EcoWise Non-Bouncing P.T. Balls
 EcoWise Non-Bouncing P.T. Balls
EcoWise Non-Bouncing P.T. Balls
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your  EcoWise Non-Bouncing P.T. Ball.
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EcoWise Non-Bouncing P.T. Balls. These Physical Therapy Medicine Balls are made of latex, phthalates free material and are softer and easier to handle than bouncing medicine balls. They are great for using with a rebounder as well as throwing and catching exercises. EcoWise Non-Bouncing Physical Therapy Medicine Balls come in a variety of bright colors.

Eco-Wise Fitness is the only manufacturer that offers a full range of commercially grade Eco friendly, Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness products. Their products are made to compliment both the Mind and Body and have ecological benefits.  They are free of both PVC and Chlorides. Made with a patented TPE (Thermo plastic Elastomer) close-cell foam material, as well as a EVA close-cell foam material to help achieve this goal for helping the ecology.  On the health side, Eco-Wise respects the body by having all our products manufactured free of Latex and Phthalates.

EcoWise Non-Bouncing Physical Therapy Medicine Balls Features:
Made of Latex, Phthalates free material
    - Softer and easier to handle than bouncing medicine ball
Great tool for working with a Rebounder
Designed for throwing and catching exercises
Not designed for bouncing exercises against the ground or wall
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Buy your  EcoWise Non-Bouncing P.T. Balls NOW!
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EcoWise Non-Bouncing Physical Therapy Medicine Balls

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