EverBlast Exercise Bands are great for childrens fitness activities to promote cooperation and flexibility.
ElastaBlast Exercise Bands increase overall body coordination.
ElastaBlast Bands help you get fit.
ElastaBlast Exercise Bands
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your ElastaBlast Exercise Band.
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The stretch, strength, and rebound of the ElastaBlast™ Band creates an exciting new movement experience that can either contain and hold a rowdy group or encourage risk taking from even the most timid. The ElastBlast™ Band is like a bungee cord covered in soft fleece, its dynamic rebound challenges individual gravity and balance. Group movement can support individual experimentation with trust, caution, risk taking and release.

ElastaBlast™ can bring fun and creativity to your fitness, cardio, or dance class. It provides a resistance that maximizes simultaneous stretching and strengthening of muscle groups all while working together as a group. Children love the rebound that requires them to assert their body weight and throw caution to the wind. (Within proper limits)

The ElastaBlastComes in 4 sizes to fit your needs:

Small 8' diameter good for 1 - 2 people  Excellent for couple stretching and core work or one to one movement therapy in a small space

Medium 12' diameter  for 3 - 5 people

Large 16' diameter for 4 - 12 people

Extra Large 24' diameter Good for large groups to 20

Purchase ElastaBlast DVD for exercise instruction and ideas
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BNB-EBS     -  Small 8' ElastaBlast Exercise Band ......................$78.95

BNB-EBM     -  Medium 12' ElastaBlast Exercise Band ...............$102.95

BNB-EBL     -  Large 16' ElastaBlast  Exercise Band ....................$134.95

BNB-EBXL     -  Extra Large 24' ElastaBlast Exercise Band ......$157.95

BNB-EBDVD   -   ElastaBlast Exercise Band DVD........................$19.95
Buy your ElastaBlast Exercise Bands NOW!

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ElastaBlast  Exercise Band in use with a teen class
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ElastaBlast Exercise Band
Small 8' ElastaBlast Exercise Band for 1 or 2 people
ElastaBlast  Exercise Band

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