Use our Exercise Ball Comparison Chart for selecting the best exercise ball for YOUR needs.
Do I need a burst resistant ball for my exercise routine? Having a burst resistant ball can be important. Find out why below:

When selecting an exercise ball it is important to consider how you are going to be using the ball. There are several factors to take into consideration. Here is a description of some of the categories covered in our chart that will help you find the ball for YOU!

Burst Resistance:
You do not always need to have a burst resistant ball for exercises. A ball that is burst resistant provides a sense of comfort for many people, but more importantly it can provide a safeguard for potential problems that may occur. If you are using the ball for therapy on your back then a burst resistant ball is very important for you. If you are going to be performing exercises while using weights, then you will want a burst resistant ball. If you are heavier it is also advisable to get a burst resistant ball to avoid accidents.
The level of softness does vary from ball to ball making some of the exercise balls a little more comfortable to sit on especially if you are using your ball as a chair. Most people do not find that the difference in softness is that important and therefore only use it as a secondary consideration in making a decision on which ball to get.

Not all exercise balls are made the same. The level of durability varies greatly from ball to ball so we have assigned each ball a number. The scale is based on a typical 1 to 10 range, with 10 being the most durable. Although there are many exercise balls on the market that fall in the 1 to 3 ranges, we only carry balls that fall far above that category. They are 5 or above.

It is best to use the 90 degree We have a separate article that descripes in detail
Selecting the Correct Ball Size.

Legs or no legs:
Legs on an exercise ball are designed to allow you to set the ball down and not have to worry about it rolling around when you are not using your exercise ball. This feature is expecially useful in an exercise class setting, but some find it valuable to use at home as well. You will not be able to use the exercise ball while the leg side of the ball is touching the ground. This leg feature makes it less attractive to many people who are performing multiple exercises on the ball or who are planning on moving the ball around a lot. If storing the ball is an issue you can get a ball base such as the
Swiss Ball Stabilizer or our Ball Base.

All exercise balls will need to be filled when you receive them. The best way is with a specially designed
Ball Pump. They are made to make inflating your exercise ball much easier. Some exercise balls can be purchased with a pump such as the Fitball® Package  that is included in the package. See our article How to Inflate Your Exercise Ball.

Use our Exercise Ball Comparison Chart for selecting the best exercise ball for YOUR needs.
Exercise Ball Comparision Chart
Brand Durability Antiburst Firmness Sizes Price of
65cm ball
Swiss Ball Pro 10 YES Hard 45cm-75cm $38.99
Theraband 8 YES Med-Hard 45cm-85cm $17.99
Bosu® DSL 10 YES Med-Hard 55cm-65cm $62.99
Aero 8 YES Soft 45cm-75cm $17.99
Theragear 9 YES   Med-Hard 45cm-75cm $32.99
FitBall® 9 YES Medium 45cm-75cm $29.99
Soft Sport
8 YES Soft 45cm-75cm $19.99
Firm Sport
9 YES Hard 45cm-75cm $19.99
Birthing Ball
8 YES Medium 45cm-75cm $32.99
Maxafe 8 YES Med-Hard 42cm-75cm $25.99
Gymnic® 8 NO Med-Hard   45cm-75cm $26.99
with Legs
7 YES Medium 55cm-65cm $38.99
Cando 5 NO Medium 55cm-120cm $19.99
Aeromat Peanut Ball 8 YES
Medium 50cm $35.99
Peanut Ball
7 YES Medium 40cm-53cm $44.99
Gymnic Kid's Jumping Ball 9 YES Medium 45cm-66cm
Hop Ball
96 NO Medium 40cm-55cm $19.95
Use our Exercise Ball Comparison Chart for selecting the best exercise ball for YOUR needs.
Exercise Ball Comparison Chart
Chart is scaled from (least) 1 - 10 (most)

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