These lightweight, durable, white PVC Exercise Band Dispensers
PVC Exercise Band Tree Storage Rack
Exercise Band Dispenser
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your PVC Exercise Band Storage Tree .
Buy your PVC Exercise Band Dispensers NOW!
These lightweight, durable, white PVC Exercise Band Roll Dispensers are a great way to store & dispense your exercise band. Aids in dispensing and cutting Dyna-BandsThera-BandŽs, Cando Bands, or Body Sport Bands or any brand of fitness band rolls.  Lightweight, stackable plastic rack holds5 50 yard exerise band rolls. Cradle facilitates smooth dispensing of any exercise band.

Features include:

Convenient - makes dispensing exercise bands easy
Made of lightweight durable, white PVC rack
5 Roll dispenser
Measures 12" x 7" x 40"
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Buy your  PVC Exercise Band Dispensers NOW!

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1 Roll Exercise Band Dispenser
BNB-EBD3   -   5 Roll PVC Exercise Band Dispensers    $165
Thera-BandŽ Exercise Band Accessory Kit includes door anchor, exercise band handle, assist attachment & instructions.

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Also available Scissors used for cutting exercise band and tubing.  8" x 0.3" x 3"