This sturdy exercise band handle makes it easier for you to use your exercise band to get a more effective workout.
 Our exercise band handle makes it easier for you to use your exercise band to get a more effective workout.
Exercise Band Handles
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Exercise Band Handle.
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Cando MULTIFUNCTIONAL Exercise Band Handle for use with BANDS or tubing - These Cando Handles have Cushioning

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Our exercise band handles come in a variety of styles and most can be used with flat exercise bands and tubing.  View them below:
The MULTIFUNCTIONAL BAND HANDLE - a pair of Adjustable Cushioned Band Handles
BNB - CDR   -  D Ring Band  Band Handles    $6.00
BNB - BHE   -  Pair of Multifunctional Exercise Band Handles  $6.00

The D-ring webbing exercise handle with padded handgrip can be used by threading the band or tubing through the ring. Can also be used with band/tubing fitted with snaps. Handle can be used with any band or tubing.
The Multifunctional band handles are easy to load for flat bands (resistance or stretch bands) or tubing. Made by Cando they come with cushioned handles. The exercise band handle is made of solid reinforced plastic that does not bend & webbing and is covered with foam.  Easy to use! Thread band through adjustable webbing.  Comes with easy to follow instructions SOLD IN PAIRS! Reusable.


BNB - HRP   - Plastic Hold-Rite  Band Handles   $6.00
BNB - HRF   -Foam Hold-Rite  Band Handles   $6.00
Dyna-Grip™ Handles are easy to use exercise band handles made especially for Dynabands but can be sued on any type resistance band.  DynaGrip Handles are ideal for people who have arthritis or trouble gripping bands.  These black foam grips allow the user a more substantial grip area.  Can also be used with tubing to get a better grip.
Dyna-Grip™ Handles
BNB-CPG  -   Dyna-Grip™ Handles        $3.00

MarV™ Handles HAS 3 GRIPS: CHANNEL GRIP, VERTICAL GRIP AND STIRRUP GRIP.  They can be used with exercise tubing or as an overdoor pulley. Economical.
BNB-MARV -   MarV™ Exerciwe Band  Handles        $5.00
The Hold-Rite band and tubing handles hold you bands and tubing securely.  Plastic handles make band or tubing easy to grip. The self-locking "adjuster" holds band or tubing in place during the most strenuous exercises.  You can use self-locking "adjuster" to increase or decrease resistance by shortening or lengthening  band/tubing. 2 Choice plastic or foam  handles

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