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Exercise bands are fantastic tools to get in shape, lose inches in specific areas of you body (especiallty the abdomen),  gain muscular strength & core strength, build endurance & stamina, lessen back pain, correct posture, stretch muscles, physical therapy and in general to improve your health. 

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   1. Before starting any exercise program, consult your physician.
   2. Before each exercise session, the fitness tubing must be inspected for nicks, cuts, or any   
      damage on any part of tube, clip, handles…etc. If the product is damaged in any way,
        do not use the product.
   3. Select the resistance tubing intensity level that matches the strength and fitness level of the
   4. Some exercises may not be suitable for some users. Instructors need to determine the
       appropriate exercises for their students and resistance tubing.
    5. Do not use the resistance tubing against abrasive surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete.
       Use on abrasive surfaces can damage the product.
   6. Always use appropriate athletic shoes when exercising with the product.
   7. Always perform warm-up stretches before exercising.
   8. If you feel any discomfort, dizziness, or shortness of breath during use, stop and rest
   9. The manufacturer and distributor disclaim any liability, loss, or damage caused by its stated or unstated use.
  10. Under normal conditions, we recommend replace your tubes every 3 month due to normal
       wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear may require them to be replaced sooner.

   1.  Never stretch the tubing more than two times its at-rest-length. Overstretching can weaken
       the tubing, causing it to fail.
   2.  The resistance tubing handle must be securely held by the user when the tubing is expanded
       or stretched. If the tubing handles slip off hands or feet, serious injury can result.
   3.  Never attach the resistance tubing handle to any stationary fixture or object because this may 
       create a stress point which can cause tubing failure.
   4.  Prolonged exposure to sunlight, salt, or chlorine treated water can damage the tubing, causing it to fail.

How to clean the exercise bands or tubing:

Immerse the band or tube in fresh clean water in a sink or under a running faucet. Rub a small amount of mild hand soap over the wet band or tube and then rinse in fresh water. Lay flat to dry, or drape the band or tube over the back of a chair or similar object and allow to thoroughly dry. Once dry, rub a small amount of talcum, baby powder, corn starch, or similar powder over the surface of the band or tube to prevent sticking.

How long can I stretch the bands or tubing?
It is not recommended stretching bands & tubing beyond 300% elongation (4 times resting length; for example, a one foot length of band stretched to 4 feet). The bands and tubing are more susceptible to breaking with greater than 300% elongation.

When should you replace my bands or tubing:
Always inspect your bands or tubing for signs of wear, including small tears, abrasions, or cracks before use. Pay particular attention to the connection point. Always replace the bands or tubing with any sign of wear. With heavy use, such as in a physical therapy clinic, bands and tubing should be replaced every 1-2 months. The bands and tubing will not last forever, and will experience normal wear and tear with extended use. However, they should be safe to use as long as there are no visible signs of wear.
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