Aeromat Massage Balls Bar is convienient and easy to use for deep muscle massaging.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your massage bar.
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Buy your Aeromat Massage Balls Bar NOW!
Buy your Aeromat Massage Balls Bar  NOW!
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Aeromat Massage Balls Bar  is great for deep muscle massage.
Finger Massage Ring & Ball
Give you fingers a nice and easy massage and acupressure with this Finger Massage ACU Ring.  It upgrades your spirit as well.  Use the spiky ball or the metal coiled ring to massage away stress and tension. The Massage Ring is a convenient hand and finger massager. The ring is a Chinese Medicine Acupressure Ring "ACU-RING" which is designed for an intense yet safe stimulation of the fingers.  Just put the ring on any suggested finger of your left hand, and  roll the ring back and forth along the finger(s).  Great for giving you energy, improving your concentration and your health in general.

The Acupressure ring is made with stainless steel. Itís shaped in triangles and form a circle. The tip of the triangles stimulate various meridian points on your fingers while you roll it up and down. The massage ring comes in one size and it comfortably fit all fingers..  Good for finger stimulation and easing tension.

This acupressure treatment can be used while you study, work on computer, read or after having played musical instruments or driven a car for significant amount of time. Itís also recommended to use the ring if your fingers feel tired, your mind is distracted or you have finger numbness.

Ring is approximately 1" diameter, metal. 

Benefits Using Acu-Ring :
    Improves Blood circulation in the fingers and hands.
    Improves Energy Meridian flow in the entire body.
    Aids in the even distribution of Prana (Chi) in the body.
    May help to relieve tiredness at anytime but especially if used upon waking.
    Constructively channels and distributes excess nervous energy.
    More powerful than basic acupressure yet safer and simpler than acupuncture.
    Can be utilized almost anytime and any place.
    Can be used by a lay person or a professional therapist alike.
    Provides thousands of powerful ďDo-it-yourself ď massages
BNB-AMR     -   Finger Massage ACU Ring       $3.50
Aeromat Peanut Massage Roller
R:GRIP Hand Exerciser

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