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Use FingerWeights™ to get your fingers  in great shape!
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BNB-FWM5     -  Set of 5 Multi-Color FingerWeights         $63.95

BNB-FWT5  -     Set of 5 White FingerWeights                   $63.95

BNB-FWM10  -  Set of 10 Multi-Color FingerWeights       $99.95

BNB-FWT10   -  Set of 10 White FingerWeights                $99.95
Buy your  FingerWeights NOW!
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FingerWeights™ will strengthen your fingers and hands. FingerWeights™  are sets of individual mini-weights  that provide a total health system for your fingers and hands. Use FingerWeights™ for conditioning, performance, prevention and rehabilitation. FingerWeights™ allow for a form of weight training for the fingers and hands that is hard to achieve using other devices.  These unique weights provide range of finger and hand exercise difficult to achieve by other means.  Support overall and targeted conditioning, performance, prevention, rehab.  Easy to use and effective.

FingerWeights Features:

Strengthens fingers and hands
Individual mini-weights conditioning, performance, prevention and rehab.
The right size for finger workouts
Easy to use and effective
Each weight is adjustable with up to 3 x 10 gram inserts.
Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 7"
Comes in a set of 5 or a set of 10
Color choice; Multi-Colored or White

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