Using  the Fit-Stix™ Body Bar is exellent for body shaping and toning.
Fit-Stix™ Body Bar for body toning
Fit-Stix™ Body Bar
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Fit-Stik Body Sculpting System.
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The Stroops  Fit-Stik™ Body Bar is compact and portable! With the patented design by one of the best exercise equipment engineers in the country, the Fit-Stik™ Break Apart Bar can be made small enough for a suitcase or gym bag. It's great for travel and can give you a quick, full-body workout anytime and anyplace when combined with our patented Slastix™ toners.

Compact, portable and convenient, the Break-Apart Fit-Stix resistance exercise bar is a great piece of exercise equipment. All you need to do is pair it with your resistance tubing and you can get in a quick full-body workout. The lightweight bar offers a complete upper body, lower body and cardio workout, so it’s perfect for all-over toning. To use the Fit-Stix, simply slide your tubing handles into the openings, replace the end caps and then you’ll have a fully-functioning resistance bar.
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Buy your Fit-Stix™ Body Bar NOW!

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Slastix™ Toner Exercise Tubing
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Fit-Stik Body Sculpting System in use with the Fit-Stik Body Bar

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