Fit in 5 Book
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Fit in 5 Book of Workouts
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Fit in 5 is the ultimate book for fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle. This guide breaks down workouts into very flexible increments of 5-, 10-, and 30-minutes that anyone can apply to a daily schedule. Featuring 323 full-color photos it is packed with exercises and programs that will help you build and maintain a lean, strong body.

Build fitness into your lifestyle with 5-, 10-, and 30-minute workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime! Fit in 5 explains how to maximize your time, meet your goals, and reap the rewards of exercise.  Select from a variety of exercises and workout options to create a customized exercise program targeting strength, flexibility, and endurance as you work toward your goal of 150 minutes of exercise per week. Choose from a wide range of exercises:

• Core strength and stability
• Glutes, abs, and thighs
• Strength and power
• Resistance bands
• Flexibility

Then choose your intensity level—easy, medium, or hard. For aerobic fitness, you’ll find several 30-minute exercise options to help you avoid boredom, diversify your routine, and stay dedicated to your goal.  Sample weekly training programs are also included, along with specialty programs focusing on specific areas, such as lower-back pain, upper-body strength and bone health.
With Fit in 5 as your guide, enjoy a fitter and more active you!

Chapter 1: Why Should I Bother Exercising?
Chapter 2: Surely I Can Diet and Save Myself the Energy?
Chapter 3: How Do I Structure the Workouts?
Chapter 4: How Can I Motivate Myself to Exercise?
Chapter 5: 5-Minute Workouts
  Core Strength and Stability
  Glutes, Abs and Thighs
  Strength and Power
  Resistance Bands
Chapter 6: 10-minute workouts
Chapter 7: 30-minute workouts
Chapter 8: Weekly Training Programs
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Fit in 5 Book

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