The comfortable Birthing Ball helps you prepare for birthing and during labor.
The comfortable FitBALL® Pregnancy Ball is soft, latex-free and burst resistant.
Gymnic® Fitball Birthing Ball helps the pregnant mother get ready for birthing.
Gymnic® FItball Birthing Balls
Fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your  pregnancy Birthing Ball.
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FitBall® birthing ball demonstrated

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Discover the only burst-resistant ball with dynamic elasticity helpful during birthing  - the GYMNIC® FitBall Birthing Ball!  This birthing ball is MADE OF a UNIQUE LATEX FREE MATERIAL - contains no latex  designed to deflate slowly if punctured!  FitBall birthing balls are the highest quality avilable. Absolutely round, with a weight bearing capacity of 2,250 lbs. You'll feel the difference immediately when you sit on our firm, yet flexible exercise ball.

They provide comfort because the FitBall® birthing ball "gives" when you sit on it. It is often more comfortable than a chair or bed - not to mention, easier to mount and dismount for the pregnant mother. The FitBall birthing ball helps you keep the baby properly aligned in the pelvis. Gently rocking and swaying on it can encourage your baby's head to descend and settle into the pelvis.

Exercise ball exercises strengthens the deep, supportive muscles in the lower back and surrounding the spine so you'll have better posture and be less prone to backache and sciatica. Helps provide support by reducing stress on the hands and wrists, thus enabling you to maintain the hands-and-knees position for a longer period of time helpful during pregnancy and birthing..

Gymnic FitBall Birthing Balls provides relaxation. Sitting on warm compresses placed upon the birthing ball eases pelvic floor arching and helps relax the pelvic floor. The FitBall birthing helps with pushing during labor. Fitness ball exercises performed regularly during pregnancy strengthen the deep abdominal and pelvic floor "pushing" muscles, vital for the second stage of labor. check out our Great Expectations
DVD or the Using the Ball During Pregnancy DVD for some help exercises and pointers.

Easy to disinfect between client contacts or use. Comes in 4 sizes and a variety of colors.
Package includes: an exercise ball & a poster with exercise ball exercise on it.