Fitball fitness balls are economical and efficient exercising tools.
Fitball fitness balls help you improve your fitness, flexibility balance, lose inches and correct your posture.
Exercise Balls / Swiss Balls help you get fit.
FitBall® Fitness Ball
Fitball fitness ball accessories and related home exercise fitness equipment.
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FitBall Fitness Ball Yellow
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FitBall® fitness balls have the same quality and durability as the traditional Swiss balls yet are softer on your body. The FitBall® is the world’s best burst-resistant exercise ball. Weight tested to over 1000 lbs.  The FitBall® fitness ball is made of a unique latex-free material designed to deflate slowly if punctured. It is the perfect solution for both professional and home use. Trusted by physical therapists and personal trainers throughout the U.S. every ability level can benefit from the stability challenge the FitBALL® exercise ball offers for flexibility, strength, and aerobic training. Use them to improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination. No other fitness program has so many benefits and is so much fun! Great for the back and working the abs. You'll get in shape faster when using a ball than without one. Make a Fitball® fitness ball part of your daily or weekly exercise routine for better results.

Features of the FitBall® Fitness Ball:
  ·  Superb Quality!  
  ·  Burst Resistant!
  ·  Helps improve flexibility & posture.
  ·  Soft rubber mat supports and cushions your body.
  ·  Softest ball of them all to Support & Cushion your body.
  ·  Good for us at the fitness centers, yoga, pilates, home or office.
  ·  Durable.
  ·  Easy to maintain and clean
  ·  Available in sizes 75cm
  ·  Contains no latex.
  ·  Great for those who are allergic to latex!
  ·  Includes poster

If you are not certain what ball size to choose please see our article
Selecting the Correct Ball Size to help you make your decision.
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