The FitBall  Exercise Mat
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your FitBall Exercise Mat.
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BNB-FM72   -  23" X 72" FitBall Exercise Mat     $54.95
Buy your FitBall  Fitness Mat NOW!

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BNB-FM48   - 23" X 72" FitBall Exercise Mat      $41.95
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Looking for a quality fitness mat at an incredible value?  The FitBALL® Exercise Mat can be used in both professional and home settings. The two different sizes available (72" long and 49" long) meet most fitness and rehabilitation applications.  It is 1/2" thick with close cell construction so you won't bottom out and feel the hardness of the floor when exercising. The width is 23".  The 72' mat cushions the whole body. One side is smooth and the other side has ribbing for Pilates type movements to give added grip and make the mat secure.

Color : Blue

23" x 72" x 1/2”
23" x 49" x 1/2”
The FitBall Exercise Mat is easy to transport and comfotable to use.
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